Bridges Intervention Set 2

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Product Description:

The five volumes comprising Bridges Intervention Set 2 address critical numeracy and computation skills at levels generally associated with third through fifth grade.

The instruction in any given volume starts at a basic level and moves toward increasing levels of challenge and complexity within a particular domain, often spanning two or three grade levels. Strongly rooted in best practices, the work is infused with models that promote student thinking and engagement.

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Bridges Intervention is sold in two sets, volumes 1–4 in Set 1, and  volumes 5–9 in set 2 (see content areas listed below). 

Set 2 contains the following:

  • Volume 5 - Operations: Basic Multiplication & Division
  • Volume 6 - Multiplication & Division of Multi-Digit Numbers
  • Volume 7 - Multiplication & Division Word Problems
  • Volume 8 - Adding, Subtracting & Making Sense of Fractions
  • Volume 9 - Money & Decimals
  • Bridges Educator site account with six-year license
  • Colorful ready-made gameboards, cards, and spinners
  • Manipulative kit (supports concurrent use of all volumes for up to six students)
  • Blacklines for teacher and student materials
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Districts and schools that have adopted Bridges in Mathematics second edition receive a 10% discount on Bridges Intervention Sets.