Number Pieces & Number Pieces Basic for iPad, Web, and More

Number pieces help students develop a deeper understanding of place value while building their computation skills with multi-digit numbers. Students use the pieces to represent multi-digit numbers, regroup, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

Two versions of the app are available depending on the grade level and concepts to be explored. With Number Pieces students can represent larger numbers and multiplication and division concepts. Number Pieces Basic is a simplified version for use with primary students. It has fewer features, putting greater focus on place value, counting, addition, and subtraction.

These virtual versions of the manipulative are open-ended educational tools, ideal for elementary classrooms and other learning environments that use iPads.

Number pieces are a key component of Bridges in Mathematics, second edition. Online preview available.

Watch a quick overview and learn how to use the Number Pieces app.


  • Add and manipulate pieces (ones, tens, and hundreds).
  • Join pieces in groups of ten or break them apart (e.g., 10 ones into 1 ten and vice versa).
  • Choose from three different colors to clearly identify groups or pieces.
  • Move, rotate, and duplicate pieces individually or as a group.
  • Use the drawing tools to label representations and show understanding.
  • Write equations and expressions with the text tool.

Number Pieces only (not found in the Basic version):

  • Use the expanding edge piece like a measuring tape to show the dimensions of arrays created with the pieces.
  • Zoom and scroll to work with larger collections of pieces.


Number Pieces & Number Pieces Basic were made possible by a generous donation from Dr. David Moursund.

Technical Support and Feedback

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