Free Apps from MLC

All apps are available in two or more versions: a web app for all modern browsers, and downloadable versions for specific operating systems and devices (such as Apple iOS for iPad). These apps are based on the visual models featured in Bridges in Mathematics K-5.


Fractions lets students use a bar or circle to represent, compare, and perform operations with fractions with denominators from 1 to 100. Learn More →



Geoboard is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in grades K-8. Learners stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, fractions, and more. Learn More →


Math Vocabulary Cards

Math Vocabulary Cards help students deepen their conceptual understanding of key terms in mathematics. Each card features three sections: a math term, a representative example or model, and a concise definition. Learn More →


Money Pieces

Money Pieces help students visualize and understand money values and relationships. Two versions of coins and bills are provided: virtual currency pieces that replicate the appearance and relative size of U.S. coins and the dollar bill, and area money pieces. Learn More →


Number Frames

Number Frames help students structure numbers to five, ten, twenty, and one hundred. Students use the frames to count, represent, compare, and compute with numbers in a particular range. Learn More →


Number Line

Number Line helps students visualize number sequences and demonstrate strategies for counting, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Choose number lines labelled with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, or negative numbers. Learn More →


Number Pieces

Number Pieces helps students develop a deeper understanding of place value while building their computation skills with multi-digit numbers. Students use the number pieces to represent multi-digit numbers, regroup, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Learn More →


Number Pieces Basic

Number Pieces Basic is a simplified version of the Number Pieces app, designed for use with primary students. It has fewer features, putting greater focus on place value, counting, addition, and subtraction. Note that Web version is full Number Pieces appLearn More →


Number Rack

Number Rack facilitates the natural development of children’s number sense. Rows of moveable, colored beads encourage learners to think in groups of fives and tens, helping them to explore and discover a variety of addition and subtraction strategies.  Learn More →


Pattern Shapes

Students use Pattern Shapes to explore geometry and fractions, creating their own designs, or filling in outlines. As they work with the shapes students think about angles, investigate symmetry, and compose and decompose larger shapes. Learn More →


App system requirements: Apple iOS versions 8 and above. Chromebooks platform versions 4920.71.0 and above. Windows versions 8 and 10. Browsers for web app (HTML5): Safari 6.1 and above, Mozilla Firefox 31 and above, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above, and Google Chrome 38 and above.

Student privacy notice: Because no data or input from the user is tracked, collected, identified, stored, or transmitted,
the apps listed above are FERPA and COPPA compliant.